Making Dreams Become a Reality...

Becoming a professional photographer has been a DREAM of mine since my early high school years when I purchased my first 35mm Minolta camera. I had the dream but not the courage. Funny, that the courage came at the worse part of my life…but I turned a negative into a positive! As a retired nurse, I have a passion for making the world a better place and I want to use my photography to help make a positive change in the lives of other. 

A lot of my work focuses on the beauty of simplicity, the magic of the moment and the love for bringing back what has been forgotten. 

"The magic of the moment is preserving life in the act of living".

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Even though our world is filled with digital photography, I have a deep attachment to the alternative photographic processes.  For myself, creating a photograph from scratch is exhilarating and meditative.  From making a pinhole camera to developing the print by hand…it’s exciting to let go and embrace the imperfections that come with the process. 


What makes me the happiest is creating from things around me and using the alternative and digital methods together to create something magical.  The ideas are sparked by simple objects around the house and yard.  One day it's a grape stem another is coffee grounds...toilette paper roll...I want people and especially children to know that you don't have to go far to create art.  The world is full of small wonders!


Why the name Magic Tree?

I chose the name because of my love for trees and the need to spread their importance to others.  Without them there would be no us.  Before I even had a webpage I committed to donating a portion of my profits to a NON-PROFIT FRUIT TREE PLANTING FOUNDATION to help with not only our environmental crisis but also hunger crisis through out the world.  Imagine  cities where instead of fruitless trees we plant fruit trees so that anyone who walks by can have a snack and feel less hungry . Villages in third world countries that can fill their plates full of nutritious fruit.  This is my contribution to improving our home, Earth!


Looking Forward...

As I look into the future I do not seek fame or fortune, but an opportunity to create and inspire others to do as well, especial my children.  Art is healing and even though I am no longer a nurse, I still have the desire to help those who have lost hope, direction in life, or purpose, through art.